Frequently Asked Questions
1. What exactly does vintage mean?
-Vintage clothing is clothing that is between 25-100 years old. Anything older than 100 years old is considered antique, and anything newer is simply secondhand. 
2. How can I be sure something on this site will fit me?
-Hello Vintage asks sellers to list each item according to the size that corresponds with the size listed on our Standardized Size Chart. These sizes are based off of the exact measurements of the clothing, so you can be sure that an item will fit. Sellers are also encouraged to list the measurements of the pieces so that you can have a more specific measurement.
3. Why can't I combine shipping for multiple items?
-Our items come from various sellers around the US and Canada, so each item purchased is sent separately. Because of this, each item is charged separate shipping fees.
4. Where do you ship?
-Hello Vintage currently supports the United States and Canada, so both American and Canadian sellers can choose to ship to one or both countries. We are looking to add more countries in the future, so if you would like us to add yours to the list, please shoot us an email at
5. What can I sell on Hello Vintage?
-Sellers can list any vintage (25-100 years old) clothing or accessory for men or women. Right now, our website only has room for clothing and accessories, so please do not list home goods, children's items, or other non-wearable items.
6. Does it cost anything to use Hello Vintage?
-Nope! There are no listing fees or membership fees. If you sell something, we take a small 15% commission, so you get to keep 85% of the final selling price.
7. What is your return policy?
-All items on the website are final sale, unless an item was misrepresented in a listing. If you have any issues with your order, contact and we'll help you out.
Have any other questions? Contact us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.
Hello Vintage Standardized Clothing Sizing Chart

Hello Vintage uses a standardized size chart, which means that each item is listed using the Hello Vintage size, instead of what is written on the size tag. Vintage sizing can be drastically different than modern sizing, so our standardized sizing helps you to ensure that a piece will fit. 

To find your size, take your measurements (more on how to do this here) and compare them against this chart to get your Hello Vintage size. If your measurements fall in between sizes, either select both sizes when searching or choose the larger size, then refer to the specific item measurements given by the seller. 

Size Chart

Men and Unisex Size Chart


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