You're Invited to the Hello Vintage Annual Gunne Sax Party


2023 Gunne Sax Party

Each year, Hello Vintage hosts the Gunne Sax Dress Party, where Gunne Sax lovers and collectors from all over the world come together. This year, we're hosting our party online on our Instagram page May 27 & 28, 2023. We host inspiring Instagram Lives, a photo contest, and offer over 100 Gunne Sax dresses available for purchase. 

 See 2023 Photo Contest entries here

Gunne Sax dresses, designed by Jessica McClintock, are highly collectible vintage dresses, especially those made in the late 1960s to the early 1980s. There are hundreds of beautiful, unique designs ranging from Renaissance-inspired to prairie styles to modest to more subtly sexy. These dresses can be maxi style, midi, floral, velvet, the list goes on. Learn more about Gunne Sax dresses here.

Gunne Sax dresses are often associated with San Francisco, where the brand was born, and where many locals fondly remember raiding the outlet to find an affordable dress back in the day.
Gunne Sax dresses are desirable not only for their unique designs, but for their extremely high quality. Gunne Sax dresses are very distinct because of their beautiful fabrics and workmanship. 
Because these dresses are so highly desired in the vintage clothing community, they are increasingly hard to come by. Fortunately, Hello Vintage has over 100 authentic, ready-to-love Gunne Sax dresses, skirts and blouses available each year at each annual Gunne Sax Party.
Since Gunne Sax dresses only go up to a vintage size 13 (akin to a modern size 8/10), we also have Gunne Sax inspired dresses in all sizes, so you can get the same look. Since Gunne-inspired dresses are all made of different qualities, many may even be more affordable! We also offer layaway and payment plans to accommodate different budgets.

You’re also totally welcome to join, browse, and watch without any pressure to make a purchase. We want to share the Gunne Sax love with everyone. Join us each spring for a one-of-a-kind experience!