Sell to Us

Interested in selling us your vintage or antique clothing? We'd love to see what you have! Send us an e-mail with a brief description of what you are selling, along with any photos you'd like to share. If you don't see your item described below, feel free to send over a photo and ask - we buy a wide variety of items so we may have forgotten to list something. And, if you aren't sure when something is from but you think we'd like it, we can always double check to see if it's old enough for us to sell.

What we LOVE:

antique clothing (1920s & earlier) including dresses, bodices, shirtwaists, skirts, gowns, suits, vests, lace, feathers, hats, jewelry, purses, accessories, corsetry, undergarments, and other fashion-related objects - the older the better!

1920s dresses, velvet pieces, gelatin sequin pieces, coats, robes, bags, cloche hats, jewelry, lingerie, suits, accessories, dress sets, and anything spectacular!

1930s dresses, gowns, suits, unique coats, dressing gowns & robes, nightgowns & lingerie, dress sets & ensembles, tops & shirts, shoes, jewelry, bakelite, bags, and anything special!

1940s dresses (novelty print, unique tailoring & cold rayon especially!), suit ensembles (bonus points for Lilli Ann), mens and women's gabardine pieces, blouses, undergarments & lingerie, hostess gowns, formalwear, robes & dressing gowns, suits, shoes in excellent condition, jewelry, unique bags & purses, bakelite, unique coats & anything whimsical!

1950s evening gowns, designer or well made dresses, novelty print pieces, unique shoes in excellent condition, women's trousers, some jewelry, undergarments & lingerie, mens and women's gabardine pieces, and anything super cool!

1960s evening gowns, casual dresses (psychedelic patterns, novelty prints, color blocking, hippie or mod style, and mini length are top pick!), groovy printed  tops/shirts, iconic jewelry (brutalist, some silver pieces, higher end costume jewelry, etc), leather jackets, unique bags, shoes, youthquake styles, paper dresses, and anything totally out there!

1970s evening gowns, disco attire, leather jackets, prairie dresses, Gunne Sax dresses, shoes, bags, flared pants, some jewelry, outerwear, casual sweaters and collegiate attire, logo/branded pieces, and anything groovy!

1980s iconic dresses (think Madonna style), unique and well-made clothing, statement jewelry, designer bags and colorful shoes, and anything crazy!

1990s goth pieces, designer pieces, casual floral dresses, cute casual skirts, some shoes, casual tops, branded/logo pieces, and anything a supermodel would've worn!

What we can't take in:

Furs, sports jerseys, nylon stockings, fake or imitation pieces, anything newer than the year 1999, items in poor condition (some antique items may still be OK depending on the piece), luggage and suitcases, & anything that contains endangered animal feathers, skin, or fur.